Hauling Rates:

  • Rates are charged per mile round trip from my home address.  
  • Loading  fee of $35.00 for planned hauls, $100.00 for emergency hauls, plus  $1.50 per mile round-trip from Yelm, WA; as of 06/01/2016. 
  • Prices are  subject to change, please call for a quote. 
  • Discounts available for  multiple horses or shared loads. 
  • Email or call for a quote today! 

Trailer Description

2010 three horse  Logan, extra tall and wide 

(8' x 8'), with extra wide and long  individual stalls, and can be configured in the following ways: 

  • Box stall: appropriate for difficult haulers, injured or ill horses, or mares and foals. 
  • Two extra large standing stalls.
  • Three large standing stalls. 

Things you need to know!

  • Health Papers are needed if you are traveling with other horses, or crossing state lines.  
  • Negative Coggins test: for crossing state lines, or if the destination requires it.
  • Contact your Veterinarian.